Autotunes for Android The best alternatives!

When you are starting in the music world, you need to have tools and programs that can improve your songs.

Autotunes based programs have created quite a controversy, because although many artists use it today, there are those who also think that Autotunes is the Photoshop of music.

The truth of all this is that Autotunes is only a PC program that can improve the quality of a sound.

Therefore, it not only works to edit voices, but it really helps a track and melody sound better. It has several functions that allow you to sharpen the sound, among a variety of other options.

If you want to start using this type of editing in your music, but do not have a computer, here we will show you the best alternatives of Autotunes for Android devices.

What does Autotunes in Android give us?

First of all, Autotunes programs refer to all those programs that allow us to edit voices, audios and melodies. This type of programs, are in Play Store and offer functions very similar to professional programs that we find in the computer.

It is also very easy to use from your cell phone. Most Autotunes programs have a menu full of several options, where you can tune the voice (natural or robotic) and edit it in a higher or lower voice.

It also has specific options for male and female voices. Also, you can add sound effects. Actually, creating songs is very easy, as you can select new tracks and start creating.

Other alternatives of Autotunes for Android programs

Now then, what alternatives of Autotunes do we find in Play Store? And mainly which are free?

Voloco Autotune

Initially, one of the best Autotunes programs that we find in Play Store, is Voloco. It is a free App and very easy to use. It is an application that works in real time, so you can add and record audios.

You can then edit the audio in the way you like. Its menu has several options, among them “Great Choir” which allows us to execute a choir effect, as if 7 voices were singing in the background.

On the other hand, you also have the “Hard Tune” effect which allows you to create very good sounds. Also, in its menu there are other more natural effects, and you will only have to manipulate them to your liking.

N Track Studio

Another of the most used programs is N Track. When you download it from Play Store and open it, you will be able to visualize a quite simple menu.

Starting from this point, in the lower left part of the program, you will see a circle, which if you press it will start recording audio in real time.

However, if you want to add an existing audio file, just click on the three horizontal lines at the bottom right, and then select “Import Audio File”.

Finally, click on the magnifying glass located at the top, and click on Add Fx. Here, you will be able to choose if you want to add vowels, guitar, among other options.

Tune me

On the other hand, Tune Me is also a simple program. Like the previous program, you can record real-time audios just by pressing the red button, located in the menu. Also, you can import tracks and edit them.

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