Easy guide on how to add Autotunes in Audacity!

Autotunes was the first voice and sound editing program used in the music industry, and is so famous that you can even find several alternatives to it on the market.

Thus, Audacity is a program that is used in audio editing, and the program itself has several features. Go to this, you can install an Autotunes plugin in Audacity.

It’s amazing how technology evolves so much, to the point that you can make it possible to merge the functions of two different programs to work as one. Want to learn more about Autotunes in Audacity?

What is Audacity?

Initially, Audacity is nothing more than a program that allows us to edit and record audios directly.

This program makes it possible to record sounds and music in good quality, as well as import MP3, WAV and AIFF files to be able to edit them on your platform.

It is worth mentioning that Audacity is not a new program, since it was launched in 2008 by its creators Dominic Mazzoni and Roger Dannenberg. If you are in the music world or in the music industry, it is very possible that you recognize this program.

In turn, Audacity has several features. One of them is that it makes it possible to eliminate the voice of the vocalist in the audio recordings, so that only instruments can be heard. However, this cannot be done in all audios, only some are salvageable.

On the other hand, Audacity is a widely used program. In 2008, at its launch it gained quite popularity. So much so that it was on the list of the 100 best products and programs of the year.

Download Autotunes for Audacity

Remember that Autotunes will work as a plugin in Audacity, so the first thing you must do to download this plugin is go to the Autotunes website to download the program, or you can also download it directly from online pages such as: https://autotune.uptodown.com/windows/descargar

Once you download Autotunes to your computer, you should go to the “My Documents” folder. And then, you must click on “Downloads“, because in this folder will be the Autotunes file.

Now, as it is an uncompressed file, you must right click and press the option “Extract here”. The program elements will be downloaded into a new folder, which you can enter directly into Autotunes as a program. Enter the file and just click “Next”.

Once you have Autotunes installed on your computer, simply go to Audacity and click the “Effects” button at the top of the program.

Here, you will see a drop-down option bar, and you will only have to click on “Add/Remove Add-ons”.

Finally, locate Autotunes and make sure it shows as enabled. If it is disabled, select the file and click on enable. Finally, go back to the Effects option and select Autotunes now available for use.

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