Learn all about Antares software and its influence on Autotunes

We have all heard of Autotunes, however few of us know about Antares. According to this, Antares is a type of software in charge of developing Autotunes.

From this point, it is known that Autotunes is the best program to edit voices and melodies, making it possible to create songs. Obviously, using this program you will notice a quality improvement in your audios.

If you are interested in downloading Autotunes, but first want to know more about its origin and creation, this is the ideal article for you. Keep reading and know everything!

What is Antares and how does it influence Autotunes?

Initially, Antares is a software that serves as the best solution to various modern programs, and one of them is precisely Autotunes.

Based on this idea, Autotunes was developed by Antares Audio Technologies. Originally, the program was created by Andy Hildebrand, a man passionate about music.

This way, he developed the program to interpret seismic wave data in subway deposits. However, he later discovered the usefulness of the tone detector in the music industry.

Later, he developed what we know today as Autotunes, the famous program that allows us to edit songs, tones and melodies, and which in turn, is so popular among artists.

Also, it was for the year 1996 when this program was released, and then it was the singer Cher who in the year 1998 used the vocal distortion effect of Autotunes. From that moment on, Autotunes gained the fame it has today.

Characteristics of Antares for Autotunes

– Corrects notes and curves in a clean way.

– Add Auto-Tune Evo to analyze the audio and create graphical representations of how the sound is going.

– The program adds visible graphics.

– Adds and incorporates Retune Speed

– Adds Pitch Graph display mode

– Easy to use controls for editing boots and sounds, creating a neat edit.

– Available in AAX, VST and Audio Units formats.

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