The best free Autotunes plugins

Without a doubt, there is nothing better than plugins. These types of tools are program interfaces that can be installed in other programs.

For example, Autotunes can be installed as plugins in FL Studio, and in this way, it becomes possible to enjoy the functions of two completely different programs.

Also, plugins are tools that are mostly free. Therefore, they are incredible options that increase the functions of a program. If you want to know some Autotune plugins, read on and download the one you like!

Autotune Plugins

As we all know, there are thousands of programs on the market with Autotune features, which make it possible for us to edit audios and add effects and tracks to improve sound quality.

Best of all, these types of programs tend to be free, and offer you semi-professional finishes, of excellent quality. They can also work and be installed on different computers, from Windows to Mac.


Initially, GSnap is one of the easiest plugins to use in Windows, and which makes it possible to correct tones. It becomes a perfect tool to improve songs, and avoid off-key.

In this tool, you will see several options, among them; Detection; Correction; MIDI.

This way, the first thing you will see in the GSnap menu is a piano on the left side, and the options to set the audio on the right side.

You will be able to select the scale you want, as well as adjust the pitch, correction, and other options available from the menu.


On the other hand, Graillon is another plug-in available for both Windows and Mac.

It is a type of tool specially created for voice editing. The program can even correct the audio on its own. Graillon has quite versatile options, however, one of the best is “Preserve Formants”.

By pressing this button you can keep the sound or the instrument, and only edit the vocalist’s voice. Without a doubt, with this tool, your songs will be improved notably and will be more neat.

Auto Tune Evo

Also, another excellent plug-in is the Auto tune Evo, which can be installed in a matter of seconds on Windows.

Autotunes Evos is a new interface or a new version of the classic Autotunes, created by Antares Technology.

It is also the most widely used program for editing songs and audios in real time. It is the most used tool in artists.


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