Using Autotunes on Macs and IOS

Autotunes is one of the most used programs around the world. The main reason for being one of the most consumed programs, is simply the compatibility that Autotunes has with different computers.

Obviously, Autotunes can be downloaded and used on Windows PCs, and also on Mac computers, as well as being available for Smartphones.

If you want to start producing music and editing it, and you are looking for a good and easy to use tool, Autotunes is the ideal choice. It is entirely possible to edit voices and create a sound enhancement through this program.

Below, we will tell you more about Autotunes and how to get it for Mac and IOS devices.

How to install Autotunes 7 on Mac?

Initially, downloading Autotunes on your Mac includes several steps. Just make sure you follow them one by one, calmly, and the installation will be successful.

First of all, the first thing you should know is what version of Mac you have, so you download the file compatible with the version of your device.

To find out what version you have, you must go to your desktop, and press the button located at the top left, which indicates “About this Mac.

In this option, you know what version your computer works. It can be version 10.8.5, 10.9.5, 10.12.6, among others.

Once you download Autotunes from your browser, you can view the program from the download folder. According to this, this folder will contain 3 steps that you will have to do to install the program in your computer.

Mainly, go to the “Applications” option, and then create a new folder with the name “ilok”. Then click on the folder that says “Step 1” and only select the version that your Mac has.

Then you will open a new tab with 2 new files. Select them and click “Copy”. Go to the option “Applications” and paste into the folder ilok that you had previously created.

Then you will be asked to access the terminal on your Mac, and copy the files in a new tab that will automatically open. Just copy the addresses as they appear. Then reboot your operating system.

Once you reboot, you can now click on the folder that says “Step 2”. Here, you only need to install the new versions of Autotunes to start using them. Just select them and click “Install” and continue.

Finally, open the folder called “Step 3” and select your files. Go to the HD option on your Mac, and enter the library. Then click “Audio”, and then “Plugins – Components”. Paste the files and start using Autotunes 7 on your Mac!

How to install Autotunes on IOS?

On the other hand, Autotunes on your cell phone is very easy to use and download.

The installation is direct and fast, and there is no better option than downloading the application via app store:

Once installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can easily correct tones. You can sing directly and start recording your audios. The Autotunes application will immediately detect what to correct.

Also, in its menu you will have a variety of options and scales to adjust. Start using Autotunes and create your music!

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